For the reveal of the POST LUXEMBOURG newest logo, we decided to take things further than usual, meaning we did not just play a pre rendered video at the event but developped a real-time software for the graphic platform Quartz Composer that we could actively control using LEMUR on an IPAD, an infrared camera to do real-time tracking of the artists on screen and controlling the whole thing through VDMX, giving h[Oz] and Steve Gerges the abilty to interact with the visuals created in real time during the artistic performance.

Specific Quartz Composer plugins and patches were developped by h[Oz], based on his Insider physics and computer vision software (still unreleased), under the art direction of Steve Gerges, following the brand guidelines defined by Minale Design strategy, the agency in charge of the rebranding. The code was written and setup for Quartz Composer, based on physical rules of flocking (birds and crowds behaviours), which gave our ribbons a very natural feeling and movement. These physical behaviours, implemented in Insider, were highly enhanced solely for the purpose of our performance and were used live for the very first time.

In collaboration with Toolbox (Event Agency), Shenandoah (Artistic Agency), L'ange Carasuelo (Graphic Software Development & Performance), remedia was also in charge of a multicamera setup used to broadcast the video feed live at the event but also stream it via internet.

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